Macau sarade balloon sculpture spectacle

Sean Rooney is an artist who uses balloons in a delightfully original way.
 A trailblazing innovator, he has developed techniques to make magic, music, fashion, sculpture, puppets, and sound effects using balloons as his sole visible (and acoustic) prop.
He has been performing and sculpting for over twenty years, in thirty countries, in venues big and small. His performances are fun, funny, and tuned to each particular audience, and his sculptures have been featured in major museums and festivals.

Career highlights include:

Opening WuQiao- China’s largest circus festival
Two “Just for Laughs” gala performances, Montreal
Outdoor performance in Azadi Square, Tehran
Installations at Toronto’s The Royal Ontario Museum, The Art Gallery of Ontario, and The Ontario Science Centre
The worlds’ first “Balloon Fashion” show, Utrecht, Netherlands (with Hester Oerlmans)
Performing as a guest of the Canadian embassy in Singapore
Celine Dions’ family Christmas party in Montreal.
Work with Cirque de Soleil on an ill-fated television show, “Bizart”
Extended contract at “The Venetian” in Macau – Sean graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in cultural anthropology, and his work reflects a deepening understanding and appreciation for culture(s).

He speaks French, English, German-ish, Portuguese-esque and dabbles linguistically wherever his travels take him. He learns important phrases from his show in the native language of his audience; for instance, he can say “The caterpillar becomes a butterfly” in eleven languages.”

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