Who is Balloon maestro?

I’m Sean Rooney, an innovative balloon artist/performer who has worked in over 30 countries!         

Performing at Berlin’s most popular English comedy night

        Playing some Jazz on a balloon at Lula Lounge in Toronto

Geometry and harmony mix and mingle in my work; balloon arrangements are treated like musical arrangements. And the music is not just metaphor- I also play music on balloon instruments  of my own invention.

Career Highlights

-WuQiao: China’s largest circus festival (TV audience in the hundreds of millions)
-Two “Just for Laughs” gala performances, Montreal
-Installations at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, and  Ontario Science Centre
-The world’s first balloon fashion show, Netherlands
-Celine Dion’s family Christmas party in Montreal
– Cirque de Soleil events
-The Venetian, Macau