Raised on a farm outside London, Ontario by Irish-Canadian educators, I was riding a unicycle to university- when balloons blew into my life.  By the time I finished undergrad in Anthropology, I was a balloon PhD.

Career Highlights

Opening WuQiao- China’s largest circus festival (TV audience in the humdreds of millions)
Two “Just for Laughs” gala performances, Montreal
Outdoor performance in Azadi Square, Tehran
Installations at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, and  Ontario Science Centre
The world’s first “Balloon Fashion” show- Netherlands
Celine Dion’s family Christmas party in Montreal.
Work with Cirque de Soleil- private functions
Extended contract at “The Venetian” in Macau

2020 Mission Statement

-To bring the best from the world of Balloon Art to greater Toronto area.

-To  help folks here imagine, design and stage fantastic events.

-To help develop a new generation of balloon artists

-To bring “Balloon-Powered Theatre” to life- here, in Toronto. Introducing balloon puppetry, costume, set design, and musical instruments into the technical and artistic traditions of the theatre,  to bring “Balloon World” to life on stage.

-Use The Balloon show to bring the best of Toronto to the World.