Head over Heels

Balloon artist for hire

Full range of balloon services from decor to animation, Stage shows to elaborate installations. Creative, enthusiastic, and extremely competent. You deserve the professional touch.


Balloon Decor

Classic, elegant, beautiful.

Thematic Installations

The sky is NOT the limit.

Balloon Fashion

From avant-guard to delicate beauty...Fabrics woven from balloons make for breathtaking fashion statements.

In-store promotions

Balloon sculptures are attention-getters, inspiring the kind of curiosity retailers love.

Why Balloon Maestro??

 Balloons are like music to me- perfect notes hanging delicately in the air… visual moments, carefully composed and  harmoniously arranged. I’m a balloon conductor who can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your event.

How can I help make your special event more special???

Hopefully this website inspires you, and gives you some ideas about what I do… If you have a specific question or request, go right ahead. If you have a feeling – Feel free to consult with me to see if we can find something appropriate.