Balloon Installations

As one of the pioneers of large-scale pure balloon sculpture (ie. no framing), I've spent thousands of hours designing and building big balloon-based art. Highlights include being the first balloon sculptor to have a piece commisioned for a major gallery (1999 the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto), building a six metre pyramid in Sarajevo, creating (with Dutch artist Hester Oerlmans) the world's first balloon fashion show (In Utrecht, Holland), crafting a geodesic balloon dome which morphed into a giant, three-eyed, crowd surfing fish for the band Phish, and mounting a giant clown-face facade for the Drake Hotel's Nuit Blanche extravaganza.

Balloon installations: Inspiration and perspiration, literally bursting with creativity. I push the limits of speed and precision, and endurance. If the installation is accessible, crowds of curious onlookers will gather while I work.

I create original works, and custom pieces based on other peoples designs- for example logos or mascots.