Balloon Pyramid

Balloon Pyramid

As one of the pioneers of large-scale pure balloon sculpture (ie. no framing), I’ve spent thousands of hours designing and building big balloon-based art. Highlights include being the first balloon sculptor to have a piece commisioned for a major gallery (1999 the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto), building a six metre pyramid in Sarajevo, creating (with Dutch artist Hester Oerlmans) the world’s first balloon fashion show (In Utrecht, Holland), crafting a geodesic balloon dome which morphed into a giant, three-eyed, crowd surfing fish for the band Phish, and mounting a giant clown-face facade for the Drake Hotel’s Nuit Blanche extravaganza.

Balloon installations: Inspiration and perspiration, literally bursting with creativity. I push the limits of speed and precision, and endurance. If the installation is accessible, crowds of curious onlookers will gather while I work.

I create original works, and custom pieces based on other peoples designs- for example logos or mascots.

drake hotel

Drake Nuit Blanche

On a balloon-powered adventure around the world, Sean is a performer equally comfortable in a wide variety of environments. Adapting his show to suit the environment and the people around him stylistically, conceptually, and linguistically, he really is an entertainer for “Children of all ages.” Running the gamut from sophisticated to slapstick, from intriguing manipulations to mind-blowing effects, his presentations delight and amaze in equal measure. And the show is original- Sean is an innovator in his field,-the tricks are his personal inventions, and he delivers wonderful demonstrations of a creative mind at work and play!!!!

Sean Rooney Balloon Rhino

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